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Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium

51 Main St
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
209-267-0543| (F) 209-295-3782 |

Open 7 days a week from 7:30 am- 8pm, this Old-fashioned ice cream emporium features ice cream concoctions, full lunch menu, candy, fresh fudge, party plans, great gifts and live ragtime piano. Home to the Mother Lode Ragtime Society and co-sponsor of the annual Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival.

Step back in time to the turn of the century as you walk through the doors of the Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium. Once the town drug store for over 70 years, it now houses a broad selection of old-fashioned candies, fresh-made fudge, a full lunch menu, great gifts and, of course, great tasting ice cream treats.

Thick shakes and malts are served to your table in a shake glass with the extra still in the shake can. These shakes are prepared at the gleaming soda fountain backed by the gleaming back bar, representing turn-of-the-century magnificence with its elaborately carved oak and glass. Ice cream isn’t the only delectable option. Once a month, the owners hold a candle-light dinner that features truly fine food, well prepared and beautifully presented. Reservations required in advance.

The Emporium is home to the Motherlode Ragtime Society which meets every third Saturday on every odd month and they orchestrate The Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival which runs every second weekend in August. For three days, the town moves to the sounds of Ragtime music which makes a great family event.

Upon request, the owner will treat you to a ragtime tune on the 1919 Milton Piano while you enjoy your treats. A meal, snack or creamy ice cream are the ideal recipe for a good time any time. Birthday party plans are available as well. Call us at (209) 267-0543.


“Although John Sutter’s sawmill was about forty miles away, Sutter Creek is in the heart of the California Gold Country. Sutter made camp here, trying to avoid the gold rush crowds, but miners soon spilled in and made the town. Mining boomed and then faded…making way for today’s contagion: wine fever. In and around Sutter Creek you can mosey along sidewalks shaded by filigreed balconies.”  – New York Times 36 Hours

Yesterday & Today

The town derives it’s name Sutter Creek after John Sutter. Sutter as early as 1844, had in pursuit of timber, established whipsawing pits and an outdoor manufacturing business named Pine Woods. It was this area near the creek, which runs behind City Hall, that became the site of new and permanent settlement. It is told the settlement started because of a single tent raised there for miners to use on rainy Sundays when they could not get to Jackson or Drytown. Sutter Creek truly established itself permanently when Gold quartz was discovered in 1851 and the became a major supply center.

Among other notable historic landmarks like Knight Foundry and the nearby Kennedy Mine, visitors should take some time to enjoy the historic wine country surrounding Sutter Creek. Wine production in the area dates back one hundred fifty years, when pioneers seeking their fortunes in gold found the ideal climate for growing wine grapes. Today Amador County boasts over 25 wineries and is famous for its red Zinfandels.