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Sutter Creek Art Galleries

Sutter Creek is home to some of the most unique and interesting art galleries and art shops in Amador County. Main Street Sutter Creek is lined with a variety of Art Galleries. Enjoy browsing these Sutter Creek Art shops while partaking of our historic small town atmosphere. California Gold Country Shopping at it’s finest.

sutter creek art galleries - gallery 10

Gallery 10, LLC
15 Eureka Street
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
Phone: 209-267-0203

Original works of fine art, paintings. The group also showcases three dimensional pieces in bronze, ceramics, hand-blown glass jewelry and sculpted aluminum. Introduction to the variety of artwork available.

Jan-Feb Thurs-Mon 11-4.
March – Nov Thurs-Mon 11-5.
December Everyday.

sutter creek art gallery

Patricia Stikeleather
Art and Photography

26 Main Street
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
Phone: 209-267-5520

This art and photo gallery within Creekside Shops showcases fine art, limited edition prints and photography by local artists Patricia Stikeleather, Al Thompson and others. Unique images in this co-op.

10-5 daily.

amador county arts council - art classes

Amador County Arts Council
11A Randolph Street
Sutter Creek Ca 95685
Phone: 209-267-9038

The Amador Arts Council supports, encourages and promotes the visual, literary and performing arts through programs, special events and partnership programs with the community and businesses. Open by appointment.
sutter creek art gallery Poor Mans Bronze

Poor Mans Bronze
824 N. State Hwy 49/88
Jackson, CA 95642
Phone: 209-257-1400

At our three-acre Recycled Art Yard in Jackson, we have added an incredible variety of Mexican art: clay, sheet metal, rock art, wood art and much more. Recycled Aluminum Statues, Animals Life size!

Open 9am to 5pm 7 Days a Week.

sutter creek fine eye gallery - art shops in motherlode

Fine Eye Gallery
71 Main Street
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
Phone: 209-267-0571

Explore the unexpected at the Fine Eye Gallery. The gallery showcases striking contemporary American crafts, extraordinary furniture combining form and function, jewelry, shoulder bags, scarves.

10-5:30 Monday – Sunday.

sutter creek art gallery

Sutter Creek Gallery
35 Main Street
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
Phone: 209-267-0228

Original works of fine art, paintings. The group also showcases three dimensional pieces in bronze, ceramics, hand-blown glass jewelry and sculpted aluminum. Introduction to the variety of artwork available.

Jan-Feb Thurs-Mon 11-4.
March – Nov Thurs-Mon 11-5.
December Everyday.

sutter creek shopping EPCO Emporium

EPCO Emporium
6 Main Street #A
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
Phone: 209-267-0337

Beautiful store with unique and hand crafted items! Wonderful place to shop with unusual gifts and fantastic signs created. Plus a large variety of merchandise. Guest review: “We went with our family for a outing in Sutter Creek today. This shop is just amazing! So many cool unique items to chose from. Can’t wait to shop here again.”
amador city bellflower gardens

Bellflower Home & Garden
10787 Water St.
Amador City, CA 95601
Phone: 209-267-1985

Bellflower Home and Garden Annex occupies nearly all of the Chichizola Store. The earliest part of the building was completed in 1877. Located on Water Street, everyone passed the store on their way to the original gold mining encampment up stream. A large addition to the building was completed sometime in the next ten years. With two foot thick foundation walls and full steel doors to protect from fire, this building is authentic, surviving the fires that used to sweep through town. First, housing a General Store in the Gold Rush town of Amador City, it was filled with so much merchandise that rafters were used for displaying the goods! The Chichizola Store remains the largest commercial building in the town.

Many years later, the Antonini Family purchased the building. They operated a general store and converted part of the original building into a feed store. The family also operated the Associated Gas Station that used to occupy the current outdoor display area for Bellflower.

Dan Schutz, Proprietor, finds merchandize that helps tell the unique story of Amador City and its early history. These wonderful objects are displayed in vintage cabinets.

In original Amador City homes, there are antique shelf brackets. Expensive and hard to find, Dan carries cast iron reproductions of the original designs. Also, cast iron switch plates with similar traditional designs are available for restoration projects.

Note pads that feature Amador City as THE CITY of the world are printed on 50% recycled paper with a 15% post consumer content.

If you have just sampled wines from the 150 year old vines in the Shenandoah Valley, a fine selection of grape and wine oriented objects is available. A fruited olive branch is a reminder of the exquisite local olive oil that you just purchased from Andrae’s Bread and Cheese Shop.

A long time ago, when truck brakes were not so good and Highway 49, along the route that the original 49ers took, was very narrow, Tony Antonini was just a lad. While he was managing the Gas Station for his Dad, he heard a loud horn. Tony knew that a truck had lost its brakes. Being smart, and standing right in front of gasoline tanks, he ran! A Southern California truck was coming down Highway 49, overloaded with watermelons. Missing the gas pumps, the truck plowed through the Station and up the hill. It stopped after destroying a burial chamber in the City Cemetery. This is true, Tony himself told me the story just a few years ago.

Fast forward to today! The Associated Gas Station is gone, brakes are reliable and you will enjoy the fabulous yard art in Bellflower Annex.

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“Although John Sutter’s sawmill was about forty miles away, Sutter Creek is in the heart of the California Gold Country. Sutter made camp here, trying to avoid the gold rush crowds, but miners soon spilled in and made the town. Mining boomed and then faded…making way for today’s contagion: wine fever. In and around Sutter Creek you can mosey along sidewalks shaded by filigreed balconies.”  – New York Times 36 Hours

Yesterday & Today

The town derives it’s name Sutter Creek after John Sutter. Sutter as early as 1844, had in pursuit of timber, established whipsawing pits and an outdoor manufacturing business named Pine Woods. It was this area near the creek, which runs behind City Hall, that became the site of new and permanent settlement. It is told the settlement started because of a single tent raised there for miners to use on rainy Sundays when they could not get to Jackson or Drytown. Sutter Creek truly established itself permanently when Gold quartz was discovered in 1851 and the became a major supply center.

Among other notable historic landmarks like Knight Foundry and the nearby Kennedy Mine, visitors should take some time to enjoy the historic wine country surrounding Sutter Creek. Wine production in the area dates back one hundred fifty years, when pioneers seeking their fortunes in gold found the ideal climate for growing wine grapes. Today Amador County boasts over 25 wineries and is famous for its red Zinfandels.